Secure Financing for Your Franchise

If you want to purchase or renovate a franchise location, you must have the correct type of financing. Franchise financing from Royall Capital Funding provides you with the funding you need to make your business endeavor successful.

How Can You Use a Franchise Loan?

Franchise loans are flexible and allow you to use the money for many reasons. Not only can you use the funding to purchase your first franchise location, but you can also use it for the following reasons:

  • Remodeling
  • Renovating
  • Expanding with an additional location
  • Stocking inventory to keep up with customer demand

What Are Our Terms for Franchise Loans?

Anyone with a good credit score may qualify for a franchise loan, so you can obtain one whether you are a new or experienced franchise owner. Our interest rates start at just 6%, and our loan periods last as long as 25 years. You can even use any extra cash you receive from us as working capital to help your business.

Obtain a Franchise Loan Today

Franchise financing from Royall Capital Funding can make your dream of becoming a business owner a reality by providing you with money to purchase and operate a franchise location. Contact us today to discuss your franchise loan options.