Use Healthcare Financing to Invest in Your Private Practice

As an independent medical practitioner, you have to think like a business owner as well as a physician. That means investing in your clinic to offer top-quality care to patients. Healthcare financing is a unique type of lending specifically designed to help medical professionals succeed in private practice.

Acquire an Established Practice

For example, if you want to buy out your partner or purchase an established private practice, you can use healthcare financing to do so. Royall Capital Funding is excited to help qualified applicants cover 100% of acquisition costs. We can even complete the preapproval process in 24 hours so that you can quickly move forward with your plans.

Update Your Clinic

In addition to the acquisition, you can use funds in the following ways:

  • Purchase or lease medical equipment
  • Consolidate debt
  • Buy property
  • Renovate your current location

Access the Benefits of Working Capital

Every business requires working capital to grow, including medical practices. When you borrow from Royall Capital Funding, you can get as much as $250,000 if you provide financial statements or $75,000 if you only submit the application. Additionally, personal credit bureaus don’t receive reports on this type of financing.

Schedule a Consultation

Does a 72-month term sound like the perfect arrangement? If so, contact Royall Capital Funding to discuss your options.