A Referral and Broker Program That Works for You

Commercial financing can be a challenging occupation. Many financial institutions do not know how to treat their sales team. We like to think we’re different.

At Royall Capital Funding, we like to focus on individual development, helping each of our team members excel in their chosen career paths. Our referral and broker program is an example of our dedication to our team members, with its many benefits, including:

  • Top-tier commission rates and referral fees
  • Reciprocal referrals for returning clients
  • Prompt payments
  • Upfront fee disclosures
  • Continuing relationships with referrals and brokers

We Want to Be Your Career Partner

We don’t like to make too many demands on our workforce. When you work with us, we give you the tools you need to thrive. Obviously, we have expectations, but we also expect our team to hold similar expectations of us.

If you apply and are selected, you can choose any location you want. We have regional sales positions across the U.S. We believe people are happier when they get to live and work where they want.

Also, while you may be used to working alone, Royall Capital Funding believes in team support. Our pool of industry experts is always ready and willing to answer your calls. They will help you create the ideal financial solutions for your vendors, even if that means customizing a solution to fit their needs.

Finally, let us help guide you in your career. We can help you achieve everything you ever wanted from your career with coaching and mentoring opportunities.

We Are Looking for Specific Qualities

We have a functional and cohesive team, and we do not want to mess with that. If you are going to be a member of the Royall Capital Funding family, we expect you to have specific characteristics and skills, including:

  • Friendly demeanor
  • Confidence
  • Self-motivation
  • Organizational skills
  • sense of humor

Apply Today!

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Contact a Royall Capital Funding representative and start your application.